Saturday, 17 October 2015

Day 17: Grand Baie and Peyrebere

Grand Baie is situated on the North side of the island and is very popular with tourists. To give you a comparison, it's a bit like the "St-Tropez" of Mauritius...

It's full of restaurants and souvenir shops. It's also a good place to find luxury brands at an affordable price (for the tourists that is).

They even have their own Sunset Boulevard!

The best thing about Grand Baie is the nightlife. There are many little bars and night-clubs with live music and it's definitely a great spot for a night out. My personal favourite is Buddha Bar, where the floor is covered in sand (not very practical if you're wearing heels I will admit!)

Even if the village in itself looks very touristic, the surroundings are beautiful.

If you drive a few miles from Grand-Baie, you'll find Peyrebere. It's Fabrice's favourite beach. It's quite small, but one of the advantage is that the bottom of the sea is very flat and there is not a lot of coral (less risky for your feet!)

Sunset in Peyrebere