Sunday 8 November 2015

Book review: Christmas Confessions & Cocktails

It's that time of the year again... I like Christmas but I'm not the over-the-top type who has been counting weeks since August (you know who you are!). Although that's when I received this review request from Vicky Lesage, the author of "Christmas confessions & cocktails", asking me if I wanted to read it. Of course I instantly accepted because, as you might know, I'm a big fan of her books (you can find other reviews here, here and here).

Reading Christmas stories in August was too much for me, but November seemed the right time. And look, since I'm writing this review now, it might give you an idea for a Christmas present.

So what is it all about? Well, in this book, Vicky, an American expat living in France with her French husband and their two kids, recalls 25 of her Christmas experiences, either in St Louis where she's from or in France. It is written in her usual informal cheery but honest tone. Yes, she's telling it like it is: The good (family reunions and bizarre kris-kindle traditions...), the bad (a poignant and heart-breaking story about her grandfather) and the plain ugly (puke fest on a plane to only name one!).

The bonus of this book has to be cocktail recipes she sneaked in after each story. A lot of great ideas for Christmas (or any time of the year) drinks...

I really enjoyed this book. It's an easy read and really sets you in a good mood, especially ahead of the Holiday season. It's a bit like a taking a trip down memory lane with your best friend, sipping cocktails! You will definitely laugh, sympathise and relate to Vicky's experiences.

So, if you want to make a nice present, or you just want a good read ahead of Christmas, you can grab a copy right here