Saturday, 19 April 2014

Sun's out !

Yesterday was very lovely day. It was sunny the whole way through, and everybody seemed to be in the good mood (even if nobody could buy alcohol).

After work, I stopped by the supermarket, and all I could see were people in shorts, skirts and tee-shirts, wearing sunglasses and eating ice-cream.

I know it was a nice day and all, but seriously, it wasn't more than 15 degrees! I suppose we all need to make the most of the sun because let's face it, we don't see it very often, but I am always amazed at how fast Irish people can take their clothes off every time the sun makes an appearance (and get bad sunburn after)!

I have the chance to live in a seaside village, but it also means that as soon as it starts to get warm (by the Irish standards of course), everybody rushes to the beach. There can be traffic jams like this:

Can you believe cars can *actually* park on the beach ? This is something I will never get used to. And it's not free either. Well, it is, but only off-season. During Summer it will cost you 2 Euros!

Sometimes you have the occasional scatterbrain who forgets the tide... and flood his car.

I definitely love walking or sunbathing on that beach, but when it comes to the sea, I'm very  hard to please.  Do you know I have yet to go for a swim in the Irish sea ? 

I'm sure you're going to think I'm crazy, but for me the Irish Sea is, well, a sea. It's in between Ireland and UK. It's nearly too small, there are a lot of cargo ships, and boats and it might be a bit dirty (in my mind anyway). I also have this strange fear of swimming in the Mediterranean for example. It's  too "closed off". There are no tides, no renewal of water.  The same  goes with lakes. I need oceans! The west coast of Ireland, Brittany, Mauritius... They are all surrounded by oceans and I love swimming in them. Maybe I feel more free ?

That may be a good subject for a psychiatrist because proof reading the above paragraph made me realise I really have an issue here...!