Thursday, 25 September 2014

My interview on InterNations

I was recently asked by the website InterNations to feature in their "Recommended Expat blogs"  section and answer a few questions.

It was the first time I was interviewed, except for a job of course, but trust me, this one was a lot more fun.

InterNations is a global online community  for expats. You can get in touch with other members by using the forums or go the one of the many social events organised by the expat community. And if you just arrived or are looking for more information about your new country, there are a lot of guides and articles available on the website.

Being a long term expat and well integrated in Ireland, I don't really need these kind of services any more. Having said that, I can totally understand how daunting it can be to land in a country where you don't know anybody. If this website existed when I came, I would probably have used it to network (especially when I left my job after a week in the country!) and meet new people. I think it's always reassuring at the beginning to meet fellow expats who can help you navigate in your new surroundings.

What I want to say to newcomers in Ireland though, is not to solely rely on the "expat" network, but use it as a stepping-stone to get to know the locals. Surely there will be members who can introduce you to Irish people via nights out or activities.

The most interesting part of living abroad is to get to know the culture and the people living there. What's the point of going to another country and stay with your own kind? Go out there, be open-minded and as the Irish say, you'll be grand!

You can check out my interview right here!