Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ireland's favourite TV moments from the 90's

I know, I know... I wasn't even around in the 90's. Well, I was a teenager back then, but in France and very far away from Irish TV...

Here's the thing, I received this cool e-mail from Mark at and just couldn't resist sharing the timeline he created. 

It pretty much covers everything from Italia 90' to the Late Late show and some soaps I've never heard of.

The only experience I have of Irish TV in the nineties is the Eurovision "Riverdance performance". It might be hard to believe, but I actually remember watching it with my parents at the time...And that's when I fell in love with Ireland. 

I suppose non-Irish people will be like me going through this timeline, i.e. having no clue what's going on, but for all Irish people out there, this might get you a bit nostalgic!