Sunday, 31 January 2016


 The problem is when you're trying to write and you get constantly interrupted!!

It's been 2 weeks since my last post and I can't believe how time flew. I had a few posts ideas but they involved a fair bit of research. The problem is the evenings in my house are not exactly the best place to get peace and quiet to do some serious work.

Once the kids were in bed I could have taken the time to put together a structured, well documented post about why French people love Ireland so much, or my rant against lunch boxes. Instead, I crashed onto the couch and watched TV series with my husband.

It's not all bad though. I have discovered great series like Mr Robot (who won a few Golden Globes), Humans, and I've started the X-Files reboot mini-series. So my evenings were all about sci-fi, conspiracies and alternate realities.

I know in a near very real future I will have part of the evenings back to myself as my husband starts a new shift. I feel bad being happy about that, but I know I need some peace and quiet  to be able to write.  I won't have to watch a movie just because I feel guilty about taking the laptop the night before and I will not hear the usual "what are you writing about?" anymore. And I won't be interrupted every time I'm trying to think about the best way of putting a sentence together. I am still trying to write at the week-end when the kids are awake (mainly because I can't write every night for the reasons I mentioned before), but kids interruptions are even worse than my husband's! I sound like a terrible wife and mother, don't I?

Writing is supposed to be my "me time", and I haven't got any for more than a year now, so I think I deserve to be a bit selfish for once ;-)