Tuesday, 14 June 2016

20 signs that you have been in Ireland too long

For the past 18 months I've been working with French interns and it always amuses me to see how surprised or shocked they can be at typical Irish things that don't even record with me anymore. I've lived here for so long  I don't even realise I behave almost like an Irish person and I don't find anything strange or surprising anymore.

if you're a long term expat, you might relate to those signs...

1- You engage in casual chit-chat with strangers at the check-out or the bus stop, mostly about the weather

2- Most of your sentences end with "like"

3- Everything is "grand"

4- You think it's perfectly acceptable to bring kids to the pub

5- And have lunch there at 3pm

6- The barman knows your name anyway, and your kids, and what you're going to drink...

7- The slagging doesn't bother you anymore, you actually laugh and take part in it

8- You understand the accent

9- And you start taking it as well

9- You can speak the slang

10- You understand the jokes

11- And "Father Ted" or "The Commitments" references

12-You don't find it strange to develop pictures, buy make up, jewellery or even home accessories at the pharmacy

13- You're not surprised when you find a common acquaintance with an Irish person you just met. After all, there are no more than 2 or 3 degrees of separation in Ireland...

14- And you have more than likely come across an Irish celebrity

16- But you secretly wish you'd see Bono in the street

17- And you don't mention it to your Irish friends because you know they despise him

18- You cheer for Ireland in any type of competition

19- You have a mortgage, kids that go to the local school, a car, a long term job, holidays already planned for next year...In short everything that makes you think "I'm here for good..."

20- And the thought of all that scares you a bit...

What did I miss? Probably a lot, so don't hesitate to add to the list!