Saturday, 7 December 2013

So my sister came to visit...

Every time she comes, she always want to do something very "Irish". 

Who could blame her ? She doesn't visit very often , so she wants to make the most of it while she's here.
But going to Dublin and take pictures of Temple bar or go to Carroll's to buy souvenirs is not really my idea of fun. I love her innocence about Ireland though, and it usually reminds me of when I first came here. 
This time, she asked me if we could go somewhere to take pictures of sheep, lakes and cottages. She also wanted to go the local pub and drink Guinness ( with a shamrock drawn on top!). The last time she came, she absolutely wanted to see Riverdance.
But there's one place she has to go every time. I don't have a choice. I can't refuse or she will get very upset. This place is : Penneys.
Penneys... Bringing fashion to the masses. Where else can you find a pair of jeans for 15 euros and a top for less than 10 euros ? Where else can you find those bizarre outfits that no other shop actually sell ? That's what my sister love. She can bring back clothes that are not sold in France and show off in front of her friends, saying: "You see, that's from Ireland!"
The last time she came, I was heavily pregnant ( actually one day from my due date), but I had to drive her to Penneys... I thought I was going to go into labour right in the middle of the shop. And she was like, wait, I want to try this shirt on, and maybe I'll buy this, oh! and look that pair of shoes, oh my god, we don't have that in France... I could barely walk and there was nowhere to sit. But she got her shopping done, no matter what.
This time, I had to ship over the surplus of clothes and shoes. We went to Penneys 3 times in the course of 4 days...  First time to check around ( and try silly hats and wigs). Second time to buy what she found the first time , and find other stuff because we were in a bigger store. Third time to buy what she forgot the second time plus some little extras like a handbag.

But seriously, I love Penneys, I just don't shop there every week. You have to admit, they have clothes and shoes you will never, ever find in France, like this: