Thursday, 9 January 2014

I'm not really French

I've been lying all along... Sort of. Technically, I am French. I hold a French passport and I speak French. But I am actually Breton. You know, from Brittany, that region in the North West of France, there :

Of course, when somebody asks me where I'm from, I say France first, but I quickly add that I'm actually from Brittany and I feel I am Breton before being French.

Brittany is very similar to Ireland. We are both Celtic countries. Interestingly, most Irish people don't realise that we have similar music, dance, traditions, and even language.

This is the main reason why I came to Ireland, and probably the reason why it suits me so well.

The "Celtic" feeling" is not as perceivable in Dublin than in the West of Ireland, but if I need my fix , I just go watch Riverdance in the Gaiety Theatre and if I really miss Brittany I just get my mum to send me a lot of Breton biscuits (which are very popular with my Irish friends, I should start selling them..). If I have no biscuits left, I just go eat a Breton crêpe.

I'm just kidding, those supposedly Breton crêpes are just disgusting. 

I have my own crêpe maker at home, thank god !