Tuesday, 4 February 2014

6 typically Irish home items that annoy the hell out me

I always thought that Irish houses were very different than French ones. There are a few things that are just so different I still have a hard time getting used to them,  and then there are the ones I really don't see the point to. But on the whole, those things are just plain annoying...

1. The main switch

How many times did I try to boil water only to realise 10 minutes after I didn't put the main switch on ? Although I kind of understand the security reason behind it, it just irritates me...

2. The plug switch

Same story... I put my phone on charge for the night... Realise in the morning the plug switch was off all along... aaarrrggghhhh !! 

3. The outside light for the bathroom

At this stage, you're probably thinking I have serious issues with switches. And you're right. By the way, I'm sorry, I don't have a picture of that, but in fairness, I don't really want anybody to see my bathroom. 
This is something I really don't get, and don't see the point of. Why is the bathroom light always outside the door?  Seriously, you're there, getting on with your business, the door is locked and bam! somebody (preferably one of the kids) decides to switch the light off. You're screwed.

4. Blinds and curtains

I have to put up with this

When all I really want is this


Why are there no outside shutters on houses in Ireland ? I really really want to know. It blacks out the light so much better and is great for insulation. Maybe I should open a shutter business in Ireland and make a fortune. That's an idea...

5. The water taps

Boiling hot or stone cold, take your pick... If you just want warm water, well, good luck. I have mastered the art of swinging my hands between each tap though...

6. The door lock

The perfect way to get locked outside your own house...I don't get this one either. I'm sure I'm not the only one who forget her keys inside. Unless it's to keep the locksmiths in business...