Saturday, 22 February 2014

Catching up

I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog! My mum stayed here for a week and I didn't write a bit. Mind you, I didn't really want to hide behind a computer while she was here. We didn't do anything special as I was working everyday, but just seeing her in the evening and gossiping about what's happening in my little village was priceless.

I always say I'm from the " Kerry" of France. A remote area, literally situated at the end of the world. Everybody knows everybody and there's always a story to tell about the neighbours, the aunties or the cousins. Who is dead, who has gone to the hospital, who is  back from the hospital, what are her friends' children up to etc. I like it, even if sometimes I don't even know who she's talking about. It makes me feel connected to the place I used to live in.

She had a great time minding the kids, even she didn't understand what they were saying in English. She still believe she doesn't speak English though, but that's not true. She was starting all her sentences by : "I'm sorry, I don't speak English..." (But I will explain to you exactly what I want and make myself understood...)  It must be just a confidence issue...

She got us a new filter coffee machine (no more instant coffee for me, yeah!) and plenty of croissants. Of course she wrecked my head a bit with the cleaning, but I'm glad she didn't opened the drawers or the cupboards, or she would have had a heart attack (although she said it would be on top of her list when she comes back!).

But in the end, we both agreed one week was enough. Not too short so we had time to catch up en enjoy each other company, and not too long that we would have started to fight!

I love my mum, I'm so glad she came, but I'm glad she's gone and I'm back to normal... Until next time!