Friday, 19 September 2014

I'm in the final!

blog awards ireland

I'm absolutely thrilled to be in the Final of the Blog Awards Ireland in the "Best Personal blog" category. I think this really is an achievement, considering I have been blogging for less than a year and I was up against so many other great blogs.

I'm actually amazed to have made the final. It took me years to take the leap of faith and start writing about my expat journey, and I still can't believe people are interested in reading my stories...

Of course, when I told Fabrice the good news, the first thing he asked was : " So, what do you win?". I never thought of that to be honest. For me, the whole point of the competition was to get noticed, build a readership and discover other blogs in the process. All I expect to win (if I actually do!) is recognition from the Irish blogging community. And trust me it's far more important than a trophy!

So that's it, I've booked my tickets to go to the ceremony. It will be an occasion to meet my fellow bloggers, spend a good night away and enjoy myself. Obviously, I'm bringing the hubby along, and I already know he will know more people than me by the end of the night. If things get a bit out of control he could end up doing the "Billie Jean" choreography in the middle of the dance floor... So be prepared :-)

Oooohhhh I'm all excited now!! Roll on the 4th of October (The next two weeks are going to be endless)!