Thursday, 11 September 2014

Out of stock...again

Empty bottle :-(
Dear Tesco,

As you can see in the picture above, my bottle of French Rosé wine is empty. And I have a small problem. Almost every time I go to Tesco to buy a bottle, you're out of stock.

There are few possible explanations for this logistical issue:

1) It's so cheap that everyone buys it: 3.99 Euros a bottle, no other shop can do better than that.
2) It's so tasty everyone buys it: The best Rosé wine I've ever drank in Ireland. And I'm French so you can trust me on this one.
3) All the French people in the area think the same but they're faster than me at getting their hands on it.

Why don't I buy 10 bottles at once, you may ask? That way I would always have a few spare at home, ready for guests or for a well deserved glass to finally relax after the kids are in bed...

Well, the fact is, there rarely are 10 bottles on the shelf at once! And sometimes you're out of stock for days. Should I have to check the wine aisle everyday? Your staff would probably start wondering who is that crazy lady wandering around the wine section everyday around 5pm, moaning and cursing in a foreign language about the fact that her much loved drink is unavailable...again.

So, dear Tesco, is there a solution to my problem? Can you not just order more of this delicious wine? Because, on top of buying it for myself, all my friends are now addicted to it, which doesn't make things easier. 

I have friends over for lunch on Saturday, so I'll be heading down to my local Tesco very soon. I really hope there will be some bottles left. 

There's just one last thing. I usually make a little "cocktail" of my own with the wine. I add grapefruit syrup to it. It's very popular in France and adds a little citrus taste to it. I know you don't sell grapefruit syrup but it might just be an idea for your purchasing department. Who knows...

French Grapefruit syrup

In the end, I just want to say that since I moved to Ireland, I've always tried to find a good affordable French wine, and it's been a hard task for many years. So I salute you for giving the people of Ireland (and me) the opportunity to taste a good quality wine, at an unbeatable price.

Now, you better sort that stock problem ASAP!