Monday, 10 August 2015

The hairdresser

Afraid of the hairdresser? Don't be. You'll never come out looking like that!

Judging by the amount of posts on Facebook about finding a French speaking hairdresser in Dublin, it looks like a touchy subject. Somehow, the majority of French girls seems to be afraid of getting their hair done in this country.

I used to be one of them. It wasn't really because a language barrier but more the financial aspect of the whole operation. Going to the hairdresser in Ireland is very expensive compared to France, but I've noticed in recent years a drop in prices, probably due to the recession. I used to get my hair done while on holidays in France or Mauritius and only booked an appointment in Peter Mark when it was an absolute necessity.

Having said that, I only get my hair cut about twice a year and highlights when I start freaking out about my grey hair (which sadly is happening more and more).  And I don't know if it's true (or me just not caring about my hair that much), but I've always thought Irish girls were kind of obsessed with their hair. I mean, only in Ireland can you find hair straighteners in the airport or the night-club toilets!

Although I used to avoid the hairdresser for financial reasons, I never thought of it as a daunting experience. I usually bring a picture of what I want to look like, and it never quite ends up the way I want, but neither does it in France. I've always been very trusting towards hairdressers and have no problem leaving my entire fate in their hands. I'm not saying there weren't unsuspected results sometimes, but I never left a salon crying.  

My favourite thing about the hairdresser in Ireland is the massaging chair you lie down on while having you hair washed. I even fell asleep the other day I was so comfortable. Now this is something the French salons could take note of...

If I can give any advice to all French or foreign girls who are afraid because they think their English is not good enough, just give it a go! It is part of your experience living abroad. You might feel a bit confused the first time, but one thing for sure, it will give you memories, new hairstyles ideas and definitely more vocabulary.