Monday, 30 November 2015

Bits and pieces

My state of mind at the moment.... Photo credit: Flickr

I don't know what it is but I found it very hard to be inspired for the past couple of weeks. Maybe it was the events in Paris, the fact that I was extremely busy at work or just the run-up to Christmas... The fact is, I have about 5 drafts of interesting subjects that I can't get myself to finish for whatever reason (and I have to apologise because I can't even think about a proper title for this post). Maybe I should just forget about them for the moment and ideas will come back eventually... 

There's a silver lining to every cloud though. I am almost finished with buying Christmas presents, which is amazing considering it's not even December yet (and I'm usually the type of person who cries outside Argos on 24th of December at 5pm). Our own kids are sorted and I just have to buy presents for our closest friends. 

The Christmas tree is not up yet despite the constant demands from the children for the past week (but it should happen any day now because I can't stand the whining anymore). We haven't watched the Late late toy show either. In fairness, I forgot all about it and the kids were already in bed when I switched on the TV that night. I recorded it but they didn't want to watch it the following day (they might not be that Irish after all).

In other news, I have become a guest writer for Babylon Radio, a multicultural website for all visitors to Ireland, practical information about living here, visiting and things to do. The online radio station plays music from all around the world and features shows about different cultures and traditions. 

I write weekly articles about expat life and cultural differences, and I have also started an "Expat portrait" series that will feature on both Babylon website and my  blog, so please get in touch  if you're interested!