Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

As we were eating dinner, we reminded the kids they had to be good and eat everything on their plate because Santa was watching. Before going to bed, they started to misbehave and we told them if they didn't stop they would end up on the naughty list. Once they were in bed, Fabrice went back to the living-room and he started to sing a Christmas song.

That's when it hit me. It's only November! Why do I feel that Christmas is starting earlier and earlier each year? Tesco has been stocking Santa chocolates from before Halloween, the lights have been turned on in some parts of Dublin already and I think we're not far off hearing Christmas songs on the radio (although that's the only part of the run-up to the holidays I actually enjoy). On top of that, my Facebook wall has been filled with Christmas posts from over-excited friends. To be honest, there's too much hype for too long and I feel I'll be bored of it all before the day actually comes. Before you say anything, I know I've just written a Christmas book review, but I didn't have a choice, I wasn't gonna do it mid-December (the author would have killed me...).

For me, Christmas festivities should start on the 1st of December. You know, that's when you start eating your advent calendar chocolates (and you manage for about 5 days then it just goes downhill!). In my family, we used to put the tree up around the 10th of December but there were no outside decorations or lights. I'm still quite amazed when I see the amount of the stuff people put on their houses here. My childminder even has a giant Santa in her front garden (It's not there yet, although I expect him any day now). I just think it's all a bit over the top.

I know I am guilty in a way, because we don't stop the kids from talking about it, and we actually encourage them to an extent. We bribe them into being "good boys" so we're not doing ourselves any favour. Their list to Santa is already done, but there are only 3 toys on each, so I'm quite proud on this one! Now if only someone could tell me what a "Golden coin maker" is, I'd be happy. I guess I'll have to go trough the Smyths toy website to find out!

What do you think? Is it too early to talk about Christmas or are you the type who already wears a Christmas jumper, dreams about the Late late toy show and has the decorations up?