Monday, 28 December 2015

Watching French TV

I try to keep up with French current affairs, new movies, sometimes music, but on the whole, l don't know much about what's going on in France, especially in terms of entertainment, personalities and TV programs.

At least that was the case until a friend of mine gave us the link to a website that streams live French TV. I was never really interested in watching French programs since I came to Ireland to discover another country, but after so many years, I sometimes miss home more than I'd like to confess, so we gave it a try...

An old movie I haven't seen for years or a familiar game show take me back to the time I was living in France. The fact that I have no clue about current French celebrities led to funny situations where I didn't know half of the guests invited to talk-shows or entertainment programs. But at least I will look less stupid next time I go home. 

My husband almost killed me when I made him watch the "Miss France" election last week, but I was badly in need of girly stuff since I am surrounded by super heroes at home. In the end he didn't complain too much about the 3 hours show after he realised the candidates would walk the stage in a bikini. Actually, he's the one going a bit overboard with the whole thing. He gets all excited when there's an American movie on, and I have to remind him that there's no point watching it dubbed in French.

I also forgot how French programs are ALWAYS late and start at odd hours like 9:45 pm or 1:35 pm. There are fewer ad breaks but they last longer. One thing for sure, Irish and UK TV are definitely more structured in terms of timing!

I'll be honest. French TV is not better or worse than Irish, UK or American, it's just different but in a way, it brings a piece of my country straight into my own Irish living room, and it's nice to watch once in a while.

What about you? Do you miss TV from your home country?