Friday, 19 February 2016

Food...Glorious food

It's no secret that we, French, love our food. After all, France is the epitome of gastronomy and I won't lie when I say that one of the downside of Ireland is the fact that it doesn't always live up to our expectations in terms of food. Having said that, every time my friend or family come over, I make them discover traditional Irish dishes.

It's the paradox of being French in Ireland. I don't really miss French food to the point of not being able to survive without it but simple things can put a big smile on my face...

French week in LIDL

I often end up buying stuff I wouldn't even buy in France, like frozen ratatouille... But last time there was salted butter, like proper one, with salt crystals. It was just yummy! The weird thing is I bought Breton biscuits, yet, they are still in the press waiting to be eaten. It's been a couple of months at least...

But do I learn my lesson? No, I'm still like an excited kid when it's French week in LIDL.

My mum sends me a care package

Now here's proper French food! Pate, rillettes, syrup, compotes, biscuits... All the things you can't find in Ireland.

When friends invite us for the "apero" with some Pate Henaff (Famous Breton brand) as a bonus 

When I dream about my holidays in France and all the seafood I'm going to eat

And when my friends or family come to visit, all I want to do is make them eat Irish stuff... Because they're here and it would be a crime not to try!

The chipper

The perfect choice after a night out, with salt and vinegar on the chips of course!

Fish and chips

And a fancy one with that!!

Irish breakfast, home made of course!

And then there's the Irish stew, Guinness beef, seafood chowder, soda bread... My friends and family love eating Irish food because it's different. I personally don't go to great lengths to find French food here. If it comes my way, I'm happy about it, if it doesn't, I  just wait to be in France to enjoy it. And I often find I prefer French food in France and Irish food in Ireland (if that makes sense!).

What about you? Do you go to great lengths to eat food from your home country or do you just enjoy local food?