Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's day! (in Ireland at least)

The fact that Mother's day is celebrated at two different dates in Ireland and France gave my husband strange ideas the first few years of my motherhood.

Today is Mother's day in Ireland, but in France it's celebrated the last Sunday of May. In Mauritius (where my husband is from), it also falls on that day.

The first year I was a mother, we were in Mauritius for the Irish mother's day, so he decided it didn't count. I wasn't in the right country to be celebrated. The 2nd year was exactly the same, we also were in Mauritius in March. So I missed another one. The third year, we were in France and at that stage, I was already used to not get a Happy Mother's day. Not that I needed a present or anything, I just found very annoying the fact that my husband would try to get away with it every year, when he was getting his Father's day!!

What I really want for mother's day, is a couple of hours for myself (and not locked in the bathroom or under the bed). This year, he asked me what I wanted. I said "a new pair of pyjamas and a lipstick". So he has taken the kids out to buy me those things. I'm pretty sure the pyjamas are not going to be the correct size, and I can't wait to see what kind of lipstick he will bring back. Even though I gave him my old one for model, there's a good chance he will come back with a completely different colour. We'll see...

Mother's day is very commercial anyway, and we shouldn't wait for that particular day to show our mum we love her! But hey, it's still nice to feel extra-appreciated at least once a year...

The best thing is, last year I was in Ireland for Mother's day and then in Mauritius for their Mother's day, so I got celebrated twice (to compensate for the other years...)

Happy Mother's day to everyone, wherever you are !!