Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Down to the pub for one ( yeah... right!)

When my mum came over, my husband and I took the opportunity to go for a drink to the local pub. Technically, we went for a lot more than one, but you know, I speak like an Irish person now... We realised it had been at least a year since the last time we went out, just the two of us. It was a great way to catch up, as we don't see each other a lot during the week (we work completely different hours).

The local was everything you could expect from a traditional Irish pub. There were people of all ages (my mum wouldn't have felt out of place...), an out of tune Michael Bublé impersonator,  and quite a few drunk people... 

For some bizarre reason, I ended up teaching French curses to a drunk middle-aged woman, only so she could repeat them to her ex-husband.  Yes, these things only happen in Irish pubs... 

I love the atmosphere and the warmth of the "traditional" pubs. Everybody talks to everybody, people have a laugh and all generations are represented.

In France , you wouldn't see a 60 something in a bar on Saturday night, unless he was lost... In Ireland, the pub is the place where people socialise, no matter what age they are.

Maybe I'm getting old myself, but I'd rather have a few drinks in that kind of setting than in a more "current" bar.

I just wish I could go down to my local pub more often.  Does anyone want to babysit while I go "for one" ?