Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beautiful Ireland

My friends really enjoyed their holiday in Ireland. They stayed with us for the bank holiday week-end and then moved up North to Donegal until Friday, before flying out last Saturday. It was great to catch-up as I hadn't seen them for nearly two years.

They weren't too happy to leave, especially to go back to France and see "sad faces".

"What's different here?" I asked 

"Everybody is always smiling and helpful in Ireland, especially in the shops. In France, the shopkeepers barely greet you, and if you dare ask a question it feels like you're nearly bothering them"

"Really ? It doesn't really make me want to go to France on holidays...
Again, I think it's the little things that make this country so hospitable. My friends were delighted with their stay at the B&B in Donegal. The owner spoke French and had a house in Brittany (talk about coincidence). He was very helpful, told them about places of interest in the area, and even gave tablets to one of my friends who had a severe back pain during her stay.

They took great pictures and I thought I would share them with you because they really show the beauty of the countryside. When you live in a place for so long, you don't notice the landscape anymore, so it feels nice to look back and enjoy the view (but don't ask me where it was taken, I just know it was around Donegal!)