Saturday, 26 July 2014

Blog Awards Ireland...I've made the long list!

blog awards ireland

I'm delighted to have made the long list for the Blog Awards Ireland, in the "Personal Blog" category

I have to thank Aoife for nominating me, although I kind of pushed her to do it. I even threatened not to bring her any biscuits back from Brittany if she didn't!

The truth is, I was allowed to nominate myself, but I'm crap at self-promotion. I hate begging for likes, comments, votes and so on. In short, I don't want to bother people. If someone wants to read my blog, great. I'm always happy with new readers and feedback. If not, well, I won't take offence. Not everyone wants to read about the stories of a French mum living in Ireland. And I can understand that.

The good thing about the Awards is that the winners are not chosen by a public vote, but by judges. There will be no "Pleeeaaaase vote for me!" on Facebook. For the next few weeks I will only have to concentrate on my writing. And maybe make my blog look a bit better! 

Today, I spend most of my days reading all the other blogs in my category and made some amazing discoveries. I didn't suspect there were so many interesting Irish blogs!

Thanks to everybody who reads my blog  and good luck to all the nominees, roll on the next few weeks, I can't wait to see if I make the short list!