Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How I gave up coffee

It all started about three weeks ago when I caught the flu. I wasn't feeling well, had a pretty bad sore throat and a funny tummy.

I decided to drink some tea, as I thought coffee would be too hard on my already frail stomach. I added honey to help with the sore throat.

The thing is, I haven't drank coffee since and for some reason I can barely stand the smell of it.

Fabrice also gave up coffee a few months ago and with the amount of tea we drink now, we might have to start buying it in bulk!

There are lots of (friendly) fights amongst Irish people on the subject of the brand. On one side, the Barry's tea partisans. On the other side, the Lyons tea fans. Sorry guys, but for me, tea is tea, there's no difference. I bought a box of Lyons Gold Blend tea bags, purely because it was on special in the supermarket. And I like the taste of it.

There's just something I don't get. Why is there no little cord on the tea bag to squeeze out the excess water? And why do people leave their used tea bag in the sink (a few culprits in the company canteen here...) ?

Anyway, this is not like me to have an argument or even just an opinion about tea. So I'm afraid that's it: I've lost the last bit of Frenchness I had and the Irish inside me has taken over!
I'm being a bit dramatic here, but next thing you know I'll be giving up wine... Nah, that will NEVER happen!