Monday, 21 July 2014

The new neighbours from hell

After 2 weeks in France, it's back to normal. Sort of...

First, we left the kids behind...Yippee!!  My parents are minding them for another two weeks and I will pick them up at the beginning of August. It's like having a second holiday and we're really enjoying it. It was a bit strange at the beginning though, the apartment was so silent it was scary. No running around, no yelling, no fighting... Finally, there was peace in the house.

That was without counting  the new neighbours.

During the whole week-end, we could hear loud music but we couldn't really pinpoint where it was coming from. Fabrice thought it was the upstairs neighbour, but we know him, we never hear anything coming out of his house (except his daughter blasting an out of tune "Let it go" once).

The music went on and off for the whole week-end, and when it was on, it was loud. We could hear the beat like it was in our living-room. I went outside and saw a couple of kids playing on the balcony next door. They definitely didn't look like our neighbour's kids. Maybe they were just having visitors... who knows. Then I told Fabrice I thought the music was coming from that apartment. So he knocked at the door and got the confirmation. We have new neighbours.

Music doesn't bother me *that much*. No, it's the PREACHING I can't really handle.

I came back from work today and there was already some music. But then, I started to hear some shouting, punctuated by Amen, Amen, Amen. And it lasted for about an hour.
Let's get this straight. I have nothing against praying. My brother is a priest for God sake! But you can do it in silence, or in a church. 
I don't think anyone should be allowed to have a preaching session in their living room, while playing loud music, in an apartment block.  And of course the window was open, so all the neighbours could enjoy the free show.

I haven't decided what to do yet. I am terrible with confrontation and to be honest, a bit afraid of knocking at my neighbour's door.

I will probably get Fabrice to take care of it and hope for the best...

At this stage, I'm nearly missing my former "smoking like a chimney" neighbour. The smell was horrendous, but at least she was smoking in silence.