Thursday, 1 October 2015

31 days to... Take a break from Ireland and discover Mauritius

Over the last few days I felt a bit deflated by the Blog Awards and the fact that I didn't make it to the final. I even thought about taking a break from blogging altogether.
Then I read this post from A Frog at large, who is taking part in the 31 days writing challenge: 31 days, 31 posts, 1 topic.

And I thought, maybe I shouldn't take a break from blogging, maybe just a break from writing about Ireland and being French and stuff...Maybe I should write about something else, somewhere else.

That's when the idea came up

And it didn't take long to find 31 blog posts ideas. I have plenty of pictures from my  travels over there and many stories to share.

So there you go, over the next month, be prepared to read about Mauritian culture, history, people and magnificent landscapes.

This challenge will allow me to write more regularly, and also discover other writers, other topics, and I'm pretty sure when I go back to normal in a month, I'll be a better blogger 

Day 2: It's not just palm trees and sandy beaches
Day 3: Getting there 
Day 4: Port-Louis
Day 5: Blue-Bay   
Day 6: Taking the bus...A whole adventure
Day 7: Rochester Falls
Day 8: Kaya and Seggae Music
Day 9: Ganga Talao Hindu temple 
Day 10: Trou aux Cerfs
Day 11: Benitier island
Day 12: Sunsets
Day 13: "Pamplemousses" Botanic garden
Day 14: The "Wild Coast"
Day 15: Scary scaffolding
Day 16: Black River Gorges National Park, Alexandra Fall and Chamarelle
Day 17: Grand Baie and Peyrebere
Day 18: Spot the mistake
Day 19: Domaine Ylang Ylang
Day 20: Flic-en-Flac beach
Day 21: Travelling to Mauritius with children
Day 22: My favourite pictures 
Day 23: Medine Sugar Estates
Day 24: Warning signs 
Day 25: Interview with Pascal
Day 26: Famous quote about Mauritius
Day 27: Breton connections
Day 28: Sugar cane  
Day 29: Popular Mauritian drinks
Day 30: The Dodo bird
Day 31: All the things I didn't write