Saturday, 31 October 2015

Day 31: All the things I didn't write

I had a plan for the series, and yet, I feel there are so many little things I didn't talk about, or not in details anyway.

I should have written about Mauritian food, the delicious meals I had the opportunity to share with my family,  and the local dishes I tasted like dholl puri, octopus curry and even hedgehog...

I should have shared more pictures about local life, or at least written a bit more about it and not just concentrate on places to visit.
Sega dancers at my brother in law's wedding

Local fisherman in Mahebourg

Yummy fruit juice stall in Port-Louis

Mahebourg's market
But on the whole I'm quite proud of what I've achieved. I've written everyday for a month (except yesterday but Halloween got in the way), and I've stuck to it. I hate failure so I really took this as a personal challenge. 

My only regret is that I focused so much on writing I haven't really read anything for the past 30 days. So I think November will be "reading" month. I will go trough the other bloggers who participated in the challenge and discover the stories they told.

One thing for sure, I'm taking a little break from the blog (I'm exhausted!) but I'll be back very soon with Irish stories!