Monday, 5 October 2015

Day 5: Blue-Bay

Blue Bay beach is located on the south east coast, approximately 6 kms from Mahébourg. This corner of the island is best known for the beauty of its seabed, and if you're around, I suggest you take a diving trip, or if like me, you're useless at using a mask and snorkel, you can try a glass bottom boat excursion (about 7 Euros per person).

During my first visit to Mauritius, we had a ride in one of these boats and I was blown away by the diversity of corals (there are over 50 species) and colourful tropical fishes that live in these turquoise waters.

Blue-Bay is very popular with Mauritians who love to spend time on the beach at the weekend. They usually have a family picnic, play cards and rest under the casuarinas. Fabrice remembers that as a child he had to walk to the beach from Mahébourg because there were no buses and he has fond memories of family time spent on that beach...

View of "L'ile aux aigrettes"

Opposite Blue-bay is the "Ile aux aigrettes" (Egret island). Declared a natural reserve in 1965, it's now taken care of by the "Mauritian Wildlife Foundation," who has managed to restore the forest and reintroduce plant and animal species that had disappeared from the island a long time ago. I never had the opportunity to visit the island, but it will certainly be on the agenda of our next holiday as it's important to educate ourselves and our children to the protection of the environment.