Thursday, 29 October 2015

Day 29: Popular Mauritian drinks

I couldn't do a series about Mauritius and not talk about Mauritians' favourite drinks. 

Phoenix is to Mauritius what Guinness is to Ireland: a national institution. It's a "golden lager" beer brewed in the country since the sixties and has an alcohol rating of 5%. I'm not a beer drinker, and yet, I like Phoenix. It's light, not too fizzy and it's just a perfect refreshment on a hot day (which incidentally happens a lot...).

65cl bottle. Perfect for sharing... or not!!

Rum is also very popular with locals. It's usually drank with coke and locals will tell you the perfect measure is two third Rum, one third coke. I personally do the opposite, but that's because I don't want to end up sick...

On my first trip to Mauritius, I discovered an unlikely sign of Ireland in the form of an energy drink: Malta Guinness. Yes, a non alcoholic Guinness. Needless to say my Irish friends weren't impressed! It's actually produced in Nigeria and exported to East Africa, Malaysia and the UK.

I didn't like it to be honest, but for Mauritians, it's like the equivalent of Lucozade!

Of course there are many more beverages to discover in Mauritius, like amazing cocktails, milk straight from the coconut, or Allouda which is a milk based drink with strawberry syrup and tukmaria seeds, a pure delish!