Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Day 7: Rochester falls

Rochester Falls are situated on the south of the island and to get there, you'll have to drive through the sugar cane fields. The falls are not very easy to access, and we actually feared for the car at the time because the roads can get quite bumpy and muddy. Driving to the falls themselves is impossible so you'll have to leave your car a few hundred meters away and walk the rest of the journey.

Sugar cane field
From what I've heard, some Mauritians are supposed to wait and offer to mind your car for a few rupees. Unfortunately others can try to steal it as well, so just be aware of that. We actually didn't see anyone that day, and our car was still there when we came back.

Unlike other cascades, you can see these ones very closely, and from the bottom, which is quite unusual. There were two local guys on top of the rocks who offered to demonstrate a dive, but we refused because, well, it looked quite dangerous.

In fact, a family member  told me that a few weeks before,  someone hit a rock while diving and unfortunately died. So don't try it unless you're very experimented...